Vaccine Requirements for all Pawsperity Facilities

Effective February 1st, 2023, we will be implementing a new Vaccination Policy for all animals in our care at the Troost and Lee’s Summit facilities. Since Pawsperity is growing and has capacity for more dogs than ever before, we want to ensure all our furry friends are as safe, healthy, and protected as possible!

  • We will require up-to-date Bordetella vaccination records, in addition to the Rabies and DHLPP vaccinations we currently require.
    • Bordetella is one of many bacterial illnesses that can cause the highly contagious disease known as kennel cough.
    • Although Bordetella is the most common cause of kennel cough in dogs, there are other bacteria and viruses (such as parainfluenza virus) that can cause kennel cough, so it’s a good idea to know the symptoms even if your pet is vaccinated.
    • Click here to read about Bordetella or consult your veterinarian to learn more.
  • We will also require that all dogs who participate in Daycare have adult vaccination records, meaning that all rounds of puppy boosters for Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella are completed, to ensure they are fully protected.
    • Please note that, according to veterinary studies, it can take ten to fourteen days for vaccines to become fully effective, so we highly recommend getting your pet vaccinated at least two weeks before any appointments at our facilities.

Clients are responsible for providing proof of vaccination before any scheduled appointments. For the safety of your pets, as well as the other animals in our care, pets will be turned away if up-to-date records of all three vaccines are not provided.

For more information, please call us at 816.214.5376 (Troost) or 816.525.2440 (Lee’s Summit).