Help us take advantage of an amazing opportunity!

The Grooming Project has a unique and exciting opportunity to partner with The University of Denver’s Institute for Human-Animal Connection (IHAC) to begin a comprehensive evaluation of our program. Unlike other workforce development programs, our students spend extensive time learning a trade that involves hours a day of hands-on time with animals. We want o discover how influential the connection our students develop with animals is to their long-term success, both as employees and as parents.

Located at the intersection of human and animal welfare, The Grooming Project is aligned with this cutting-edge movement of ‘humane interventions’ that incorporate the mutually beneficial components of the human-animal bond. With this in mind, IHAC’s research team will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the impacts of The Grooming Project on student and family outcomes.

The findings from this program evaluation will help create the development of a comprehensive research agenda, including a social-economic impact study, which will be crucial to optimizing our current program, as well as expanding our model at the local and national levels. In order to get this project off the ground, we need to raise $30,000.

Can you help us make this cutting-edge research project a reality?