Get Involved

Want to help us help lift families out of poverty? We always appreciate financial support, of course. When you bring your dog to our school for grooming appointments, you’re providing our students an opportunity to perfect the skills they are learning in training, while receiving high-quality services at a discount–everyone benefits!

We can also use your time and talent! Our program only works with the help of volunteers. Below are some ways you can volunteer, depending on your interests, skills, and availability. If interested, please contact us at (816) 214-5376.

In-Kind Supplies

We can use donations of any of these supplies:

  • Paper towels
  • Odoban
  • Bleach
  • Laundry soap
  • Towels (for drying pets)

Grooming Advisory Committee (GAC)

The GAC will involve 8-10 Kansas City area groomers/veterinarians who meet quarterly and advise the Executive Director and Grooming Director on best practices, changes in the grooming environment and serve as mentors. The Grooming Advisory Committee also will assist with job placement for graduates and give constructive feedback on the grooming training program.

Student Support Teams

Mentors/coaches assist our students one-on-one with life skills areas: parenting, budgeting and health/wellness and ongoing encouragement.

Guest speakers can include pediatricians who can speak on brain development during infancy and early childhood years, nutritionists to teach easy and healthy meal planning on a budget, and therapists who can share stress-coping techniques and self-care strategies for parents of young children. Speakers on business strategy and basics are welcome, too, for students who want to go out on their own.

Financial literacy/budgeting advisors offer important assistance to students in managing their household finances and saving for their and their children’s futures.

The Transportation team forms partnerships with used-car businesses and banks to provide reliable, low-cost vehicles to our graduates at low interest rates.

Business Support Teams

Fundraising volunteers work closely with the executive director and the board’s fundraising committee to plan, organize and implement fundraisers to support EPEC and The Grooming Project.

Social media/marketing and communications team creates a marketing strategy to grow donor support and retail sales on student grooms and products. They also work closely with the web/graphic designer and social media platforms and help secure attention from the media.

The volunteer coordinator and community relations coordinator are initial points of contact for interested individuals or groups wanting to help our cause. Tell them about our mission and how we operate. Keep records of new volunteers and what they are willing to help with so we can call on them when needed.

Administrative Support

Assist with the donor database and organize leads and information it comes in.
Assist in developing grant proposals and other materials.
Send thank you letters
Answer phones and schedule grooming appointments