About Pawsperity

Pawsperity, formerly known as The Grooming Project,  a 501c3 nonprofit in Kansas City, MO devoted to helping impoverished families become self-reliant through job training in the high-demand, high-pay trade of pet grooming. Pawsperity’s education-based approach not only financially empowers single parents in poverty through equipping them with credentials in a competitive market, but it also ensures that they focus on improving their family’s future as a whole through parenting and budgeting classes, mental health support, life skills courses, and other needed medical services coordinated with many local organizations.

We train our students the art of dog grooming, which is an in-demand career in the Kansas City area. Groomers make an annual salary ranging from $35k-$70k. Grooming is a profession in which individuals with many of the barriers to stable employment – including past addiction, criminal records and incomplete education – can find employment. Upon completion of the 6 month grooming training, students can work in one of the area’s 200 pet salons or even start their own grooming business.

The grooming school program entails 644 classroom hours taught by experienced instructors and three internships in local grooming salons. The parenting program teaches students the importance of active parenting, higher education, budget management, nurturing skills and resources.