Donate to Lift Parents out of Poverty,

Four Feet at a Time



EPEC trains parents in a trade high in market demand that pays a livable wage.  Studies show that lessening the stress created by financial hardship increases the likelihood that their children will achieve success.

To do this, we teach our students a marketable and transferable skill set that allows them to earn a living wage and provides the flexibility required to care for their children.

EPEC launched The Grooming Project in 2016, a certified school that teaches professional pet grooming.

According to our research, animal grooming is in high demand in the Kansas City Area and the nearest grooming school is three hours away.

The Program consists of 644 classroom hours of training in 23 weeks.  The program is taught by experienced groomers with over 45 years experience between them.  Our program offers a hands-on approach to grooming.  Approximately 90% of our students time is spent with the animals in our care.

We also work with our students on soft skills.  Those skills include self care, money management, job skills, and parenting.

It is our goal to cause positive outcomes for the entire family, raising up both the parent and their children.

Please consider donating today, and help us continue to life parents out of poverty, four feet at a time.